[Ueno] Delhi

上野デリー カシミールカレー

[Ueno] Delhi

About Delhi Restaurant

 Their Signature dish is “Kashmir Curry” (1020 JPY), a very spicy curry found only in Japan, located in Yushima, Tokyo. The menu has a wide variety of dishes and they are all delicious.
It’s a famous restaurant, so you may have to wait in line on weekends and during lunch time. I think you can get in if you wait in line for a while.


  • Special Curry Set …1800 JPY
    Rasam Soup (very spicy hot soup)
    Your choice of Curry Rice (Kashmir curry recommended)
    Small Salad
    Your Choice of Drink (Rassi recommended)
  • Great Value Course … 2200 JPY
    Rasam Soup
    Your Choice of Curry Rice
    Tandoori Chicken Tikka
    Small Salad
    Your Choice of Drink


3-42-2 Yushima Bunkyoku Tokyo
Mon. – Sun. 11:50AM – 9:30PM
Cash Only